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My name is Charles and I would like to welcome you to My Upbeat Life. I founded this website in 2014 as a blog to motivate and inspire individuals through love and appreciation. I know that motivation and inspiration are buzzwords that are often used interchangeably. Though they are quite similar, they are fundamentally different. Motivation actually refers to some force that makes someone Close Up Blue Suitbehave in a certain way, an incentive. It can be either a positive or a negative force and is usually more external. Inspiration is more spiritual and usually a much more positive connotation as it stimulates or piques desire, usually coming more from within a person. Both can result in a happier sense of self and life.

I want to help you to reflect on your life and find out what brings you joy and happiness, to use a positive mindset to try to add more of those experiences into your life. Look for the positives in every situation of every day, because they do exist. I want to help you eliminate as many negative circumstances in your life as you can. I want you to understand that life is an ever-changing ebb and flow of happiness, What failed you yesterday may be the right thing that leads to your success today. I want to help you seek your own true motivation and to encourage yourself and those around you.

There a million different steps that you can take if you want to become a better version of yourself. There are habits you can form, there are strategies you can adopt, and there are activities that you can make your own. Nothing is more immediately effective, however, than opening up lines of communication. If you can talk to someone who really listens, you will be better off than you ever have been before. You’ll learn about yourself, and you’ll learn about the world. Best of all, you’ll learn things that you can apply day in and day out, and you’ll be motivated to live right and live right consistently.

Check back often! My views are always evolving, and as they do, I make frequent updates.

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