A Call To Serve

I was wandering in the mall recently , aimlessly as some of us do, basically wasting time. In my travels I came across a kiosk that sold various cell phones, chargers, and other accessories. The young man behind the counter asked if I needed any help, I answered as most of us do with a “no, I’m just looking.” 

The young man then proceeded to ask about my service provider and if it would be ok for him to see if I am being charged too much. It was at this time I began to worry that he would try and do an up sale and I would be walking away with a new phone and no way to explain the expense to my wife. But I decided to indulge him and see if in fact I was being overcharged. 

After some searching of my account, it was discovered that I was not paying more than I needed, as a matter of fact, the young man suggested that I stay with my current plan, due to the fact that the account was opened in 2007, I would be charged more if I changed it.

“All they want to do is get your money and fail to tell you how much you can save,” the young man said with disappointment. 

A Call to Serve

It was at that moment I saw what happens when someone answers that call to serve. 

This young man didn’t have to go any further to help me after I answered that “I was just looking,” but true service was behind his motives.butler-tray

It’s the waitress or waiter who goes the extra mile to make sure that your meal and your overall dining experience is excellent and memorable, and without expecting anything in return. There are too many instances where the service you receive is dictated by the price you pay.  In the story above, I didn’t pay the young man a dime, and yet I received impeccable service.

The Challenge

I am absolutely convinced that truly helping others, gives you a great feeling and doing it without expecting anything in return,  just out of the kindness of your heart, is what is needed in this world. The world needs more people who are willing to give.

Starting today make it a point to help someone without the expectation of return.  From the biggest to the smallest task.  Give of your time or your talents, to a friend, family member, or stranger.

I would love to hear from you on how you met this challenge, please a comment and share your experience.


I would like to give a Thank You and special shout out to Jeramie the Wireless Sales Representative who was the inspiration for this article. Thank you very much for being such an awesome example of customer service.


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