After The Thrill Is Gone

Did you or someone you know make resolutions for this new year? Did you make declarations to changing or adding things to your life like exercising more or eating right? Are these the same resolutions that were made last year?  What happens after the thrill is gone?  The main reason that most people fail in their resolutions is the fact that they are attempting to make huge changes in their lives in the heat of the moment in the shortest time. Most of the time, it is the euphoric sensation of a new year or the anguish of the perception that they went through a whole year and hadn’t achieved anything in their lives. I’m not saying to disregard resolutions, but promising to run 5 miles a day, especially if you haven’t walked 5 miles all year, may be a stretch. In that particular example, it may be feasible to set a goal to simply start walking every other day.

People who set these huge life changing goals only to begin to talk themselves out of achieving them after about a month or so. The reason being, is that change is a process. Think about it, you have been doing the same thing over and over again for the last, at minimum, year. Now you are going to take that which is engrained in your mind, that is possibly, a subconscious habit and change it overnight? It would be like finding a new and better way to tie your shoes and trying to use the new technique every day. First, you are going to forget about tying your shoes the new way most of the time, and second, you will begin to convince yourself that there was nothing really wrong with the old way.

How To Stick To Your Resolutions

Setting small continuous steps towards your alternate goal is better than trying to jump to the end result. Humans, more or less learn from repetition. How many times did you sing the Alphabet Song as a child, or to your children before it became second nature to know? Find something to help you add or change something new in your life, to help you remember what your resolution is and why you are doing it.

Take measurable steps on your planned resolution. Nothing is more frustrating to see no results on something you are working on. People usually quit something when they fail to see some change or improvement. Start with a weekly calendar and write down what you want to accomplish for that week. I found, for instance, that when I started running, it was easier when I had a exercise app that keep track of my distance and calories burned. When I went back and looked at my accomplishment, I saw that I had ran 6 miles for that week. Remembering not to push myself too hard at first allowed me to add my running routine to my weekly habit and now I am moving on to other things.

Treat yourself to something nice when you reached your desired resolution goal. There is nothing wrong with telling yourself “Good Job”, you should be proud of yourself, you have done what many people either only talk about or fail to accomplish. You have changed your life, imagine what you can do now.


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