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Is It Hard Or Is It Laziness?

I sometimes find myself making excuses not to do something that I know needs to be done. Is it hard or is it laziness? I tell myself that I will do it later, tomorrow, or next week. The task may be difficult and may take some time to complete, but I think, at least for me, it comes down to plain laziness. Then after I have pushed off what was necessary for so long, I’m suddenly in a hurry to complete it with barely enough time to get it done. And with some sort of dual personality, I begin to kick myself for not getting it done sooner. Then my mind, my best friend at this time, chimes in. It begins to ridicule my actions or inactions, and this adds doubt to completing my overall goal. 

Like everyone, it takes practice for me to overcome these limiting actions and to make sure I do what I need to do when it is needed to be done. Listed below are a few things that I do to help me move forward.

Have A Plan

It is a basic fact that if a goal is broken down into bit sized tasks, the overall goal is easier to complete. I try to make a list of things that need to be done each day. From the time I wake up there is a list of thing that I do to make sure that all my goals are completed for the day. I try my best not to push anything to the next, if it is possible. That is a sure way to begin to get behind schedule. Once the plan is in place, it must be adhered to , not only will everything get done, but measurable progress will begin to show.

Take Breaks

Sometime it is necessary to take some time off. Going all out for an extended time will cause burn out. I have gone a week without doing anything, because I was so tired. I had been working for a few weeks straight and began to waver. Then after awhile, I just quit. Breaks and time off must be added to the schedule to avoid getting

overwhelmed. Noticed I said, “added to the schedule”? Do not take random breaks while trying to complete tasks, doing so may cause you to fall behind schedule. Breaks must involve something that has nothing to do with my tasks, it isn’t a break if all I do is continue to work on my plan while on my time off. Strictly observe breaks and then continue when it is time.

Reward Yourself

Adding to the feeling of joy when I have completed a goal, is another way to make sure I stay on track with what I am doing. Depending on the task, I may reward myself by buying myself something nice or going out for a nice dinner. Whatever you decide to do for you can be your reward, be sure to add lots of good feelings, this sends a physiological message to your subconscious that you did a great job and you are on the right path to achieving your dreams.


After The Thrill Is Gone

Did you or someone you know make resolutions for this new year? Did you make declarations to changing or adding things to your life like exercising more or eating right? Are these the same resolutions that were made last year?  What happens after the thrill is gone?  The main reason that most people fail in their resolutions is the fact that they are attempting to make huge changes in their lives in the heat of the moment in the shortest time. Most of the time, it is the euphoric sensation of a new year or the anguish of the perception that they went through a whole year and hadn’t achieved anything in their lives. I’m not saying to disregard resolutions, but promising to run 5 miles a day, especially if you haven’t walked 5 miles all year, may be a stretch. In that particular example, it may be feasible to set a goal to simply start walking every other day.

People who set these huge life changing goals only to begin to talk themselves out of achieving them after about a month or so. The reason being, is that change is a process. Think about it, you have been doing the same thing over and over again for the last, at minimum, year. Now you are going to take that which is engrained in your mind, that is possibly, a subconscious habit and change it overnight? It would be like finding a new and better way to tie your shoes and trying to use the new technique every day. First, you are going to forget about tying your shoes the new way most of the time, and second, you will begin to convince yourself that there was nothing really wrong with the old way.

How To Stick To Your Resolutions

Setting small continuous steps towards your alternate goal is better than trying to jump to the end result. Humans, more or less learn from repetition. How many times did you sing the Alphabet Song as a child, or to your children before it became second nature to know? Find something to help you add or change something new in your life, to help you remember what your resolution is and why you are doing it.

Take measurable steps on your planned resolution. Nothing is more frustrating to see no results on something you are working on. People usually quit something when they fail to see some change or improvement. Start with a weekly calendar and write down what you want to accomplish for that week. I found, for instance, that when I started running, it was easier when I had a exercise app that keep track of my distance and calories burned. When I went back and looked at my accomplishment, I saw that I had ran 6 miles for that week. Remembering not to push myself too hard at first allowed me to add my running routine to my weekly habit and now I am moving on to other things.

Treat yourself to something nice when you reached your desired resolution goal. There is nothing wrong with telling yourself “Good Job”, you should be proud of yourself, you have done what many people either only talk about or fail to accomplish. You have changed your life, imagine what you can do now.


Be The Example

When I began my journey of being an entrepreneur, starting my own business, and working from home, I received a great deal of ridicule for my choice. My friends openly laughed at me and doubted that I would make any headway and would quit soon after I started. Their disbelief wasn’t misplaced, in fact, before my eyes were opened to the notion that I could take back control of my life in this manner, I would be the first to say that anyone who ventured down this path was crazy. It took some time to understand that what they thought of me and what I thought about me were separate. Yes, what they said did hurt for a while, but they were coming from beliefs that manifested during their upbringing or from any other experience they may have had. They would say things along the line of “I tried doing something like that, but I didn’t see any results so I quit.” There are many companies out there that offer false claims of fast results and financial independence, and many people are burned by these promises and refuse to be taken advantage of, vowing never to try anything like that again. Think about this, did you give up all foods when you tasted something bad, or develop a stomachache after eating something that didn’t agree with you? No, you simply watched what you ate, choosing not to eat that particular food anymore. Just like in that example, the people who have succeed learned the lesson from bad choices and tried something different, they researched other options and tried again.

I think one of the conflicts that I and many others may deal with on a regular basis, besides the one against our own thoughts, is the upheaval that comes with disapproving family members. My friends, I eventually learned to deal with, and besides, I could always distance myself from “friends” who openly criticize and “poop” on my dreams and aspirations. You are the only one who can know what’s good for you. You are an individual, a separate being on the planet with your own thoughts and life to lead. No one knows what’s better for you, than you.

Family though, is a slightly different challenge. Whether mother, father, brother, sister, or whomever you consider your “blood” will also have their opinions on how your life should be. But unlike friends, it is far more difficult, in some cases to just shut them out. Some of us live with our immediate family members, and some of them see it as their duty to tell you that the direction that want to go in your life absolutely wrong and that you will fail. Some go as far as trying to ostracize you from the family if you do not give up your dream. The only advice I can give to you, is to do what you love and makes you happy. For me, I know I could go out and get a regular job, working long hours, separated from my family, and working for someone else. But I would be miserable knowing that I didn’t take the chance to change my life. I would be filled with regret and plagued by “what-ifs”. Go after the dreams of your life and understand that it isn’t your job to try and convince them of your choices. Let your actions and results do your convincing.



It All Happens Internally

It all happens internally, from the moment you wake up in the morning, you have the choice on how your day is going to unfold. You have control of every thought and feeling that will be generated as your day goes on. If you wake up and the first the first thing on your mind is how terrible the day is going to be, that is exactly what you will experience.  It will seem as if everyone and everything is getting in your way and under your skin. Then, you begin to place the blame on every outside incident that happens, causing more bad things to happen, never knowing or taking responsibility for them. Then, After everything that has taken place during the day, the last thought before you go to sleep, is how bad the day was, and with that thought it starts all over again. Day in and day out, you are stuck in the continuous loops of cause and effect.  It makes sense that these things always happen to you right? What is the only constant in this scenario? You, you are the thing that has not changed. The people around and the situations are being led to you by your thoughts and feelings. Of course you may experience things that seem out of your control, you can’t control the weather, other people, or the situations that you find yourself in, but you can control your attitude and feelings towards them.

For example, you cannot control the rain that falls on your newly washed car, but it shouldn’t upset you that it happened. Think of this, did you have to wash your car that day? Were you aware that it may rain that day? Even if attempt to defend your answers to the rain on carquestions, how did it make you feel to read them? Did it upset you? Did you automatically try to shift the blame? This is what I mean by allowing outside influences to dictate your feelings. No one and nothing has control over your thoughts and feelings but you. So the question arises, how to begin making the change and take back control of your thoughts. This simple step is simple, but difficult to implement on a consistent basis. Why? We are beings of habit and it takes practice to overcome change. Whenever you begin to feel the urge to blame or complain, take a deep breath and consciously let it go. I am not talking about swallowing your pride, that is for another subject. I am talking about letting go of a feeling that is not important. I go back to the rain example, getting angry about the rain is not going to have any effect on it, so let it go.

What if I told you that you have more choices over your life than you may think?  You have the ability to change your circumstances in any way you want.  I’m not saying that the situation that you may find yourself in at the moment will simply disappear, but it’s all in the way you feel that can change in an instant, which will put you on the right path.  It all comes down to the way you feel. And I believe the biggest hurtle at that moment is making that conscience choice to feel better. Why?  Because some people love to wallow in self pity, to feel that the world is against them, and to have people join them in their pity.  I was guilty of this at one time. I would say to myself, that things are not going well at all, no matter how hard I struggle, it keeps getting worse, why should I even continue?  It took me a long time to realize that I chose to feel terrible, blaming things around me for the way I felt. But, we as humans are blessed with choice, we can choose to feel better,  we have the choice to refuse feelings of despair, We have the ability to change our point of view and to look at life’s situations in a different light and be happy.  We have the choice to be happy even for the smallest things, because the smallest things have the ability to change our feelings in a big way.



The Echo & the Voice

I noticed that the world was a world of advice, tips, and tricks that people were offering as a way for others to change their lives.  A lot of them have books, website, and videos explaining how, by, using their products and services, you can better yourself.  I began to realize that most of this information has been gathered from other people’s experiences. You may get the “try this approach” method, but the approach is coming from someone who has never been in that particular situation and has never used the method personally. I am not saying that all circumstances fall under this category, but if you are looking for information to help you and you need something that is going to work, Then you should keep these questions in mind in your search for help. Has the information they are giving worked for the person giving the help? Are the results they claim going to be beneficial to you?  Often time the answer is no, they are telling you something that happened to someone else, and many times the situation and circumstances were different. 

My attempt here at My Upbeat Life is to bring love,  encouragement,  practical information, and suggestions to individuals who may be in a not too favorable situation.  This information is also for those who are on the path to achieving their dreams and may need encouragement to keep going, or simply suggestions on the next step.  My goal is not to regurgitate information from others, repackage it, and give it to you.  The ideas and information on this website have been gathered from my own experiences. No, I am not saying that I know it all, but the strategies and advice that I am telling were personally used in my life . These are the things that helped me in my struggles and triumphs, these are the ideas that have opened my eyes to how wonderful life can and should be.  This information I am sharing with you has and continues to change my life.  Many of these ideas worked for me  and it is my sincerest wish that they work for you.


Happier & Healthier?

You know that you’re happier when you’re healthy, but did you know that you’re also healthier when you’re happy?  It’s an interesting, though not well known fact that people who choose to have moresmiley-face joyful, optimistic outlooks on life tend to get fewer illnesses, and when they do get sick, the symptoms they experience are less severe and don’t last as long as in people who tend to be more negative.

That smile on your face is a virtual shield wall against invading viruses and bacteria.  Your immune system is highly responsive to emotional triggers, and there are several studies that show how happier, calmer, more positive emotional states can decrease the likelihood of catching a cold.  The more these individuals felt positive feelings, the less likely they were to experience symptoms associated with the cold virus they were exposed to, which also means that those who felt the fewest moments of joy had the most symptoms.  It’s fascinating to see that those who reported high positive emotions had a significantly higher antibody response to a Hepatitis B vaccine, so it’s lab-tested and proven that your emotional state isn’t just all in your head.  It’s actually affecting your whole biochemical composition.

I’m not just talking about this season’s cold or flu, either.  There was a 2005 paper published that looked at how happiness affects heart health.  In it, they found that the happier a person tended to be, the lower their heart rate and blood pressure were.  Since we all know that elevated blood pressure is a factor in all forms of coronary disease, finding ways to have a sunnier disposition can instantly improve your longevity.  Another subject related to heart health that has been getting more attention is heart rate variability.  This is the heart’s ability to regulate its beating patterns dependent on the situation and stress levels of the individual.  If a person has very high stress levels (and subsequently very high cortisol levels) the heartbeat will be extremely regular, and this is highly detrimental to overall cardiovascular health.  Finding ways to reduce stress and increase happiness have been shown to improve the heart’s ability to self-regulate.

Are you a stress junkie?  Or do you find yourself in stressful situations more often than you’d like?  Research has shown that stress-junkypeople who have a higher baseline of positive emotions feel less stress in difficult situations, and are able to recover from extreme stress much faster than those with fewer moments of joy.  This is tied to the hormone cortisol, which is often referred to as the stress hormone.  This is another piece of evidence that is easily tested in the lab, as in this 2009 study.  If you read through it, you get to see the perspective of several (consensually) highly stressed out psychology students.  The ones who reported the most positive emotions before their torture session recovered significantly faster.

Another way that health starts with happiness is that it directly decreases pain and unpleasant symptoms, and this is especially helpful information for those with chronic diseases like arthritis.  You read that correctly, that choosing to have a brighter outlook on life is a drug-free way to help manage, and even improve, pain, as well as dizziness, muscle strain, and even heartburn.  There was a 2005 study that showed, not only the stability of symptoms in happier people, but actual improvement.  This is in sharp contrast to those with more negative emotions, who showed a decline, suffering with greater pain and other symptoms.

This directly ties in with more chronic and severe conditions, such as severe vision disturbances, loss of strength and coordination, heart disease, and even cancer.  As we age, it can be tempting to succumb to bitterness, anxiety, fear, anger, and depression.  These negative emotions actually feed the hormonal triggers that CAUSE more symptoms of disease and aging.  As we talked about earlier, positive emotions help manage blood pressure.  In the elderly, this is seen in a significant reduction in the risk factors for stroke and the development of frailty.

On the topic of aging, we all want to live a little longer, right?  A longer life with less pain and disease seems like a pretty desirable outcome.  Ed Diener, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Illinois, led a study published showing the direct correlation between happiness and longevity.  This is an extensive review of long term subjects, in both animal and human trials.  As an example, a group of almost 5,000 university students were followed for more than 4 decades.  Those with more negative outlooks on life through school and the intervening years correlated very closely with incidents of earlier and more severe diseases and a definitely shorter lifespan.  These same studies also illustrate a visible link between stress and negativity as compared to individuals with poor health.  Lack of enjoyment of activities, pessimism, anxiety, and stress were all shown to compromise immune health, heart health, and endocrine balance.

So what do you do?  Fortunately, we are in control of our own minds and emotional states.  Yes, I know that often it might not feel that way.  We’re bombarded on all sides by things that pressure us and cause us stress and misery…but you can choose how you react to these things.  One of the best tactics is meditation.  Meditating, even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes a day, can empty your mind like a clean slate, and allow you to manage your life more smoothly and calmly.  This is one of the most proven ways to reduce stress.  It will also allow you to pause and look at the many things in your life that are cause for happiness.  Take a deep breath and look outside.  Really see your landscape.  The beauty of the trees or ocean, or the wonder at the sprawling cities built by human hands.  It can also be helpful to verbalize positive statements.  Tell someone you love them or appreciate them, and mean it.  Speak about things that you are grateful for, and take a break from negative conversations like complaining or gossiping.

Simple changes in our daily lives can dramatically impact our attitude, and can serve as reminders that we are alive, and that the world is a wondrous and amazing place.  It’s easy to get lost in all the daily things that can go wrong.  Take a deep breath, decide to be happy, and you’ll live a much healthier, longer, fuller life because of it.


Change Yourself Change The World

I have noticed, and have seen it in myself, how people tend to blame the circumstances and problems they find themselves in on others and on the world around them.  I don’t blame them, I did this myself.  I would complain about the service I received at a store to the crowds and seemingly unending lines that found myself in.  I would become frustrated because it seemed no matter where I went there was a problem, for example, there would be this one particular convenience store I would visit.  It was a small store, you know the type that is connected to a gas station.  It seemed that every time I went in to purchase something or to get gas there was an issue.  Either there were  a lot of people standing in line as if in a grocery store, or the gas pumps were backed up as if a storm was coming.  To make matters worse, out of the three cashiers that were supposed to be available, two would randomly take a lunch break or decide, at the same time, to begin to restock the shelves.  Meanwhile, more and more people would shuffle in, filling their shopping carts to the brim with ridiculous items.  Some would even come in to pick up items that would take the remaining cashier at least 30 minutes to complete, such as renting a carpet cleaner or a large amount of birthday balloons.  With these few examples, you can see the frustration. Don’t even get me started with the genius drivers of the world and traffic.

The Change

After hearing that rant, many people would say “go someplace else to shop”. That is a great suggestion, but therein lies the problem. It seemed as if the aimless crowd and absent minded cashiers would be everywhere.  And that is when it came to me, out of all the locations I visit and all of the different crowds that are involved, and out of all the situations, what is the one constant? Me, the issue was not with the strangers that happen to be in the same location, it was me and my attitude towards the crowds and situations.  I was looking at the “problem” all wrong.  So I thought I would test this theory, I consciously decided to not mind what was going on around and focus on feeling good.  At first it is difficult, especially when you notice that the people around you are feeling the same frustration, some even voice out loud their grievous  opinions to the agreement of others around them.  Just when that old feeling starts to swell, I tell myself that this doesn’t bother me and usually begin to distract myself with my phone.  Changing your mindset is in no way easy, it’s like trying to tie your shoelace a different way that you have learned.  You may forget or you may simply simply become frustrated with trying to change and go back to the old way, then you are back where you started.

Try It

Give this mindset change a try next time you find yourself in a situation as described above.  This is a conscience effort, especially if you’re someone like I used to be, angry and frustrated all the time.  You have to remember to do this, and after a while all the problems that you have with crowds will seem to just disappear, you won’t notice the issues that were there before. Like magic, you can change the world around you by changing your mindset to the world.


This Is A Call to Action

This is a call to action. I am writing this post to telling you that you are not alone, that you are loved, and that you are appreciated.  For some, this would be enough to flame that sparks their desire to move.  But for others, these are only words to make them feel better as they continue to sit idly by and watch their dreams go by.  These words are not meant to make you feel all soft and warm inside, these words are a challenge, a dare to look in the mirror and compare where you are to where you want to be.

This is a battle cry to, move forward, to take this life that you have been blessed with and mold it to your will.  No more shall you sit and watch others receive what they want, never again will you think that you are not good enough.  Today and today only is your chance, not later, not tomorrow or next week, because soon this moment will be gone.  And then, you will slump back to the normal version of you.  The you that makes excuses for ideas and plans. You will float back down to the familiar world of mediocrity. If that is what you wish, fine, who can blame you?  At least here no one can hurt you there, at least here you are “safe”. I can’t push you, I won’t push you, for where you are can only be changed by you.  You are the captain of your ship.  move-forward

But if you did rise to this challenge, understand that there may be a chance of storms, the chance of pain, the chance of complete “failure”, but if stay where you are, these chances are guaranteed.  So stay exactly where you are and enjoy the rest of your life wrapped in the blanket of “security”

If you are tired of the direction in which your life is headed, cut the roots and ropes that are holding you where are and reach, pull, claw, climb to where you want to be.  This journey should push you to your limits.  There will be tears, sweat, and frustration.  The ten thousand voices of the way you used to be will cry out for you to give-in, give up, and return.  DON’T YOU LISTEN TO THEM! You are the champion of your life’s story, you will not be defeated. You are the victor on this battlefield, no one will be able to take that from you.  You will rise from the ashes of you previous life, the person who you were is gone and replacing it is one of purpose and strength.


Cynsational Nails

We at My Upbeat Life wish to share inspirational stories in an attempt to motivate you, the readers to make the necessary changes in your lives that you wish to make.  We know that sometimes reading the how others struggled and prevailed over adversity, many of the same struggles and adversities you may be dealing with now.  We wish to let you know that you are no alone, and if these people were able to fight through it and succeed, so can you.

Cynsational Nails

One of those individuals who fought and is well on her way to success it Ms. Cyntrise Watson.  She, after 10 years of devoted marriage, found herself alone  with her 2 children, struggling to make ends meet.  Without any kind of child support, the task of raising her children was magnified.  But, through fierce determination and unwavering fortitude, she has risen to become one of the top requested nail salon technicians in her town.  I sat down with Cyntrise to find out a little about her background, her struggles , her strength, and advice for others who may find themselves in a similar situation.  I also wanted to know what makes this mother of two so strong.Cyntrise

Cyntrise grew up with her family in Eastern North Carolina, where during her high school years, excelled at sports.  and was married soon after graduating high school.  Her husband was in the military, which meant traveling and the shock of leaving home for the first time.

“I think the biggest thing that helped me was the support of my friends and family,” Cyntrise says. “After leaving a very physically and mentally abusive relationship, I had no where to go, but back home.  My parents took me back with open arms and supported me through those very rough years. ”

It was during those years that her world had seemed to be turned upside down.  All her and her children’s needs were the responsibility of her husband, now that he was out of the picture, she had to take on the role of sole provider for her family.  “The toughest part was the feeling of hopelessness, “She starts. “Everything I knew, all the things I had hoped for were gone.  I had a feeling of embarrassment being back home, as if I had failed.  Now my children were looking to me.  I knew that something needed to be done.  My parents were always the example of working hard, and that is when I began to take stock of my talents.  Don’t get me wrong, its not like I changed overnight, I had to do what I needed to do.  I worked at least two to three jobs at a time to pay the bills and eventually saved up enough to move out of my parent’s house… again,” she smiles.

color cyntrise“I knew that if I wanted a better job than the one I had, I needed to go back to school,” Cyntrise began. ” I enrolled at Carteret Community College and pursued a degree in cosmetology.  I always enjoyed doing hair and figured I would find a job doing what I liked.”

It was while studying cosmetology  Cyntrise found her passion in artistic nail designing.  She graduated a few years later as a licensed cosmetologist with a love for nails and quickly set to work to find a job.

“The first job I found after school was at a nail salon in the area,” she starts. “I worked hard to build up my customer base, and after awhile I was having customers request me on a regular basis.  I believe in customer service, I think that you should give the customer more than they expect.  And although I was improving my nail skills as well as my customer service relations, the business where I was working made it difficult,” she continued. “The business started cutting my hours, bouncing my paychecks, and even failing to pay me on time.  I started to fall behind on my rent, bills, and even my car died on me.  It seemed like everything was falling apart all over again.”

“That’s when I experienced and really noticed friend and family coming though for me,” she starts. My parents would pick up my kids from school and watch them while I was at work, my mom helped me find another job at a better nail salon, my grandmother even helped pay for a new car.”

“I know that there are other people out there who are going through the same rough things I had to,” Cyntrise begins. “And I know that there may seem as if there is no hope, but believe me, you have to fight.  For me it was the difference between wanting and doing, I had no choice, I was not going to just life beat me.  I needed to succeed for me and my children.  They needed to see that we could thrive, not just survive through the hardships.”

Continuing to use skills and customer service , Cyntrise has a goal to start a chain of nail and beauty spas aimed towards brining peace relaxation to her clients and have them leave feeling Cynsational.

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Starting Again

I know that is has been awhile since I updated my site.  I have been doing my best efforts of climbing out of the abyss and starting again.  For the last couple of months I had problems with an online business I am trying to get off the ground.  I began working with a company called DS Domination, this company shows individuals how to start and run a business online by drop shipping through eBay.  The process of drop shipping, is to take an item from one company and post it on eBay and sell it for a profit.

It all started a few years ago when I started looking for ways to make money online.  You’ve all seen it before, the get rich quick schemes, the “sit on your butt and money comes to you” sayings.  I did multilevel marketing, working my butt off for my up line, through meetings and cold calls, all the while seeing very little outcome of my efforts.  And at the same time, if I didn’t purchase the “upgraded package” or go to live events, that were only making the company money by the way, my uplink refused to help.  I felt as if I was trying to sucker people into a product, all the while going slowly into debt.  I’m not saying that all network companies are bad, it just seems as if you didn’t get in on the ground floor of the business when it was new you were doomed to struggle, no matter how much you believed in the product. I did however learn a lot about SEOs, customer service, and handling rejection (which was common).  One person actually became very irritated by my call, apparently I wasn’t the first to call them received about the product.  stop-calling-me

I found out that most of the time the people I called weren’t even interested in what I was introducing them to, I was paying for leads that were also purchased by others with the same product. That was the last straw for me and the experience of network marketing and cold calling.

The Little Voice In My Head

I began to think to myself, like many others, that I was destined for a life of mediocrity, I wanted financial freedom, but knew that working for someone else and trading my time for their money was a dead end.  There is nothing wrong with that, with the illusion of financial stability of a job.  Knowing that if you give up most of your free time, a “steady” pay check should be there…  But what if you want more?  I know if you quit, you fail, so I started again.  I started researching online business opportunities.  I ran into several people who want me to buy their ebook that would tell me what I needed to know to make money online.  What I found out is that I needed an ebook of sometimes unless information for people to buy,  then I would make money online.  Again, I didn’t want to sucker people into buy an ebook full of information not pertinent to the individual or information that the seller doesn’t even live by.  I wanted something simple, that I could do on my free time and take to the next level with ease.

I finally sat down and put the power of intention to work.  I ask myself how I could start a business using other people’s products to make a profit.  I wanted it to be easy to do from anywhere, with step bested training, and an awesome support feature.  If I wanted to, I could share the opportunity with others, with no tricks, and definitely no cold calling.  A few weeks went by and I had let the request go without really pondering it too much.  Then one day while in the bathroom an idea came to me. (Crazy where and when the little voice gives you an answer).  The voice said to me, “What is drop shipping?” I had heard the term years ago, and never really paid it much attention, mainly because of all the negative feedback I read on the internet about the process. question-myself


You ever notice that you can find negative issues with about any service, person, or product anywhere?  And it’s usually second, third, or fourth hand information from someone who heard it from someone else.  That’s what happened with the company that I am currently working with.  A few years ago I heard about DS Domination in passing, but never gave it much thought.  First, I didn’t have to money to start with a new business opportunity, and second I didn’t have the space to store of the product to ship.  Then about a year ago, after the little voice asked me, I started looking into drop shipping.  One company stood out, mainly because of the price to start.  $20 a month, that’s right, that was the price to start. This company shows you how to place products from Amazon to eBay and make a profit.  I was thinking like you, how much profit can I make with $20?  Well, in about 3 weeks, using the step by step video training, I made back my initial investment of $20. You may think that’s not much, but think about this.  I just found an online business that I could make a profit from other people’s products on my spare time and it can pay for itself. I have been working with this business model for awhile, and yes, there are upgrades that can be purchased, depending on you and how big you want your business to be and yes, your results may vary.  But $20 is worth the time to see this work for you?

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

At this point, there is a fact that I must share with you.  I did make mistakes with this system.  After all my years of (failed) network marketing, I thought I knew every this there was to know about running an online business.  I began to jump the gun and tried to tweak the training to make it better.  That was the month I fell below the standards for eBay and went below negative in the standings.  I figure that my time with this company was over and maybe I was not meant to be successful online.  I went back to searching for opportunities and ran into those get rich quick schemes that I tried to leave behind.  This was a pretty dark and disappointing time for me.  I didn’t know how to dig myself out of this hole and began to contemplate giving up online marketing for good.  At my lowest point, the little voice said “follow the steps.”  It was referring to the steps I followed when I first started with DS Domination.  So I started again, getting out of my way and working the system.

Back On Top And Hungry For More

After a lot of hard work, motivation, and inspiration, I am back on track.  I recently became a Bronze Powerseller on eBay, make over $22,000.00 in sales in the last 12 months (actually only taking 4 months to reach.)  This is far more than I have ever made in all my previous online companies combined.  I now know that with the training from DS Domination and dedication, there is no limit on how far I can go.

Is This For You? 

This is not one of those opportunities where there are stacks of cash and beautiful expensive cars.  For this to work, you have to work, this system is simple, but not easy. no-lazziness


You can’t sit on the couch and have money fall in your lap.  To build something successful, a correct foundation must be established first.  You must get out of your own way and allow the program to work for you.  You must be hungry, but patient. DS Domination may be your opportunity for time freedom and financial independence.  This could be the chance you have been looking for, simply click on the links or drop a line in the comments below to find out more.  Opportunity is knocking on your door, will you answer?