Your Battle Cry

This is your battle cry. Depression, you are my enemy, sadness, you have no army to stand against me, because I am blessed and will see my dreams come true.  Lack, your voice carries no influence over my life, joy and prosperity are my allies and will see you defeated.  I will have whatsoever I desire, because I am a champion!  I have allowed myself to be pushed and trampled for far too long.  I refuse to allow my own mind to stand in defiance to me, I pursue my dreams because I choose to.  I now take what is mine, what has been promised to me by birth.  No longer will I let this world and my own negative, defeated thoughts dictate who I am to be.  I will no longer wait for life to give me what I want, I will not struggle for a substandard existence.  I will have everything that I have ever wanted for the pleasure of myself and those around me.  This is my battle cry, my declaration, this is my present and my future from this day forward.


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    1. Thank you very! I do apologize for the long delay in the blog, I was going through so things and want to make sure to get my focus back… oh, it’s back.

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