Be The Example

When I began my journey of being an entrepreneur, starting my own business, and working from home, I received a great deal of ridicule for my choice. My friends openly laughed at me and doubted that I would make any headway and would quit soon after I started. Their disbelief wasn’t misplaced, in fact, before my eyes were opened to the notion that I could take back control of my life in this manner, I would be the first to say that anyone who ventured down this path was crazy. It took some time to understand that what they thought of me and what I thought about me were separate. Yes, what they said did hurt for a while, but they were coming from beliefs that manifested during their upbringing or from any other experience they may have had. They would say things along the line of “I tried doing something like that, but I didn’t see any results so I quit.” There are many companies out there that offer false claims of fast results and financial independence, and many people are burned by these promises and refuse to be taken advantage of, vowing never to try anything like that again. Think about this, did you give up all foods when you tasted something bad, or develop a stomachache after eating something that didn’t agree with you? No, you simply watched what you ate, choosing not to eat that particular food anymore. Just like in that example, the people who have succeed learned the lesson from bad choices and tried something different, they researched other options and tried again.

I think one of the conflicts that I and many others may deal with on a regular basis, besides the one against our own thoughts, is the upheaval that comes with disapproving family members. My friends, I eventually learned to deal with, and besides, I could always distance myself from “friends” who openly criticize and “poop” on my dreams and aspirations. You are the only one who can know what’s good for you. You are an individual, a separate being on the planet with your own thoughts and life to lead. No one knows what’s better for you, than you.

Family though, is a slightly different challenge. Whether mother, father, brother, sister, or whomever you consider your “blood” will also have their opinions on how your life should be. But unlike friends, it is far more difficult, in some cases to just shut them out. Some of us live with our immediate family members, and some of them see it as their duty to tell you that the direction that want to go in your life absolutely wrong and that you will fail. Some go as far as trying to ostracize you from the family if you do not give up your dream. The only advice I can give to you, is to do what you love and makes you happy. For me, I know I could go out and get a regular job, working long hours, separated from my family, and working for someone else. But I would be miserable knowing that I didn’t take the chance to change my life. I would be filled with regret and plagued by “what-ifs”. Go after the dreams of your life and understand that it isn’t your job to try and convince them of your choices. Let your actions and results do your convincing.



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