Crabs In A Bucket

I was a boy growing up in North Carolina, we would go crabbing on the weekends.  My family would go down to the pier with raw chicken and string.  We would tie one end of string to the pier and the other to the piece of chicken, throw the chicken in the water and wait for a hungry crab to come and sample a free meal.  Once the string tightened as the crab tried to swim away with its prize, we would slowly pull the string and crab to the surface, scoop it up with a net, and put it into a five gallon bucket.  On a good day we could catch upwards of fifty crabs.

As the bucket became more and more full, I noticed that even when the crabs got closer and closer to the edge, they never seemed to be able to make it out.  As they clambered and struggled, one crab would come close only to be dragged back down by another.  I have even seen one larger crab, out of either anger or frustration, break another crab in half.crabs-in-bucket-2

This story has brought up a point that I and others have dealt with, and probably will deal with again.  It seems the closer you get to your goal, the more people and circumstances try to tear you down or stop you completely and make you quit. The people you may interact with, may have either tried and failed themselves to achieve something and may do everything to see you fail as well.  They may have a negative attitude towards something that gave up on and if you succeed where they failed, you suddenly become the focus of their negative attitude.  Even the music you may listen to, the books you read, and the television programs you watch, may all be doing their best to keep you right where you are. They will not kill you as in the story of the crabs, but they will cause the dream you carry to die.

A good way to help with this problem is to decrease the time you spend with people who have this negative attitude, or who seem to be trying to pull you down.  This will aid in keeping you focused on your goal and not the opinions of those who may be “trying to help”, but also those who may be in mediocrity and stagnation.

You want to be as full of good positive energy as possible to help with the challenges that may arise as you follow your dreams.  Finding those how can help you along the way and lift you up when you are down is one of the best ways to achieve your goals. But don’t forget that you may be the very crab that is keeping some down.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with like-minded people, and those who will help and inspire you to do your best


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