Cynsational Nails

We at My Upbeat Life wish to share inspirational stories in an attempt to motivate you, the readers to make the necessary changes in your lives that you wish to make.  We know that sometimes reading the how others struggled and prevailed over adversity, many of the same struggles and adversities you may be dealing with now.  We wish to let you know that you are no alone, and if these people were able to fight through it and succeed, so can you.

Cynsational Nails

One of those individuals who fought and is well on her way to success it Ms. Cyntrise Watson.  She, after 10 years of devoted marriage, found herself alone  with her 2 children, struggling to make ends meet.  Without any kind of child support, the task of raising her children was magnified.  But, through fierce determination and unwavering fortitude, she has risen to become one of the top requested nail salon technicians in her town.  I sat down with Cyntrise to find out a little about her background, her struggles , her strength, and advice for others who may find themselves in a similar situation.  I also wanted to know what makes this mother of two so strong.Cyntrise

Cyntrise grew up with her family in Eastern North Carolina, where during her high school years, excelled at sports.  and was married soon after graduating high school.  Her husband was in the military, which meant traveling and the shock of leaving home for the first time.

“I think the biggest thing that helped me was the support of my friends and family,” Cyntrise says. “After leaving a very physically and mentally abusive relationship, I had no where to go, but back home.  My parents took me back with open arms and supported me through those very rough years. ”

It was during those years that her world had seemed to be turned upside down.  All her and her children’s needs were the responsibility of her husband, now that he was out of the picture, she had to take on the role of sole provider for her family.  “The toughest part was the feeling of hopelessness, “She starts. “Everything I knew, all the things I had hoped for were gone.  I had a feeling of embarrassment being back home, as if I had failed.  Now my children were looking to me.  I knew that something needed to be done.  My parents were always the example of working hard, and that is when I began to take stock of my talents.  Don’t get me wrong, its not like I changed overnight, I had to do what I needed to do.  I worked at least two to three jobs at a time to pay the bills and eventually saved up enough to move out of my parent’s house… again,” she smiles.

color cyntrise“I knew that if I wanted a better job than the one I had, I needed to go back to school,” Cyntrise began. ” I enrolled at Carteret Community College and pursued a degree in cosmetology.  I always enjoyed doing hair and figured I would find a job doing what I liked.”

It was while studying cosmetology  Cyntrise found her passion in artistic nail designing.  She graduated a few years later as a licensed cosmetologist with a love for nails and quickly set to work to find a job.

“The first job I found after school was at a nail salon in the area,” she starts. “I worked hard to build up my customer base, and after awhile I was having customers request me on a regular basis.  I believe in customer service, I think that you should give the customer more than they expect.  And although I was improving my nail skills as well as my customer service relations, the business where I was working made it difficult,” she continued. “The business started cutting my hours, bouncing my paychecks, and even failing to pay me on time.  I started to fall behind on my rent, bills, and even my car died on me.  It seemed like everything was falling apart all over again.”

“That’s when I experienced and really noticed friend and family coming though for me,” she starts. My parents would pick up my kids from school and watch them while I was at work, my mom helped me find another job at a better nail salon, my grandmother even helped pay for a new car.”

“I know that there are other people out there who are going through the same rough things I had to,” Cyntrise begins. “And I know that there may seem as if there is no hope, but believe me, you have to fight.  For me it was the difference between wanting and doing, I had no choice, I was not going to just life beat me.  I needed to succeed for me and my children.  They needed to see that we could thrive, not just survive through the hardships.”

Continuing to use skills and customer service , Cyntrise has a goal to start a chain of nail and beauty spas aimed towards brining peace relaxation to her clients and have them leave feeling Cynsational.

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