It All Happens Internally

It all happens internally, from the moment you wake up in the morning, you have the choice on how your day is going to unfold. You have control of every thought and feeling that will be generated as your day goes on. If you wake up and the first the first thing on your mind is how terrible the day is going to be, that is exactly what you will experience.  It will seem as if everyone and everything is getting in your way and under your skin. Then, you begin to place the blame on every outside incident that happens, causing more bad things to happen, never knowing or taking responsibility for them. Then, After everything that has taken place during the day, the last thought before you go to sleep, is how bad the day was, and with that thought it starts all over again. Day in and day out, you are stuck in the continuous loops of cause and effect.  It makes sense that these things always happen to you right? What is the only constant in this scenario? You, you are the thing that has not changed. The people around and the situations are being led to you by your thoughts and feelings. Of course you may experience things that seem out of your control, you can’t control the weather, other people, or the situations that you find yourself in, but you can control your attitude and feelings towards them.

For example, you cannot control the rain that falls on your newly washed car, but it shouldn’t upset you that it happened. Think of this, did you have to wash your car that day? Were you aware that it may rain that day? Even if attempt to defend your answers to the rain on carquestions, how did it make you feel to read them? Did it upset you? Did you automatically try to shift the blame? This is what I mean by allowing outside influences to dictate your feelings. No one and nothing has control over your thoughts and feelings but you. So the question arises, how to begin making the change and take back control of your thoughts. This simple step is simple, but difficult to implement on a consistent basis. Why? We are beings of habit and it takes practice to overcome change. Whenever you begin to feel the urge to blame or complain, take a deep breath and consciously let it go. I am not talking about swallowing your pride, that is for another subject. I am talking about letting go of a feeling that is not important. I go back to the rain example, getting angry about the rain is not going to have any effect on it, so let it go.

What if I told you that you have more choices over your life than you may think?  You have the ability to change your circumstances in any way you want.  I’m not saying that the situation that you may find yourself in at the moment will simply disappear, but it’s all in the way you feel that can change in an instant, which will put you on the right path.  It all comes down to the way you feel. And I believe the biggest hurtle at that moment is making that conscience choice to feel better. Why?  Because some people love to wallow in self pity, to feel that the world is against them, and to have people join them in their pity.  I was guilty of this at one time. I would say to myself, that things are not going well at all, no matter how hard I struggle, it keeps getting worse, why should I even continue?  It took me a long time to realize that I chose to feel terrible, blaming things around me for the way I felt. But, we as humans are blessed with choice, we can choose to feel better,  we have the choice to refuse feelings of despair, We have the ability to change our point of view and to look at life’s situations in a different light and be happy.  We have the choice to be happy even for the smallest things, because the smallest things have the ability to change our feelings in a big way.



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