Look How Far You’ve Come

If you have been following my website for awhile, you know that I discuss the importance of sticking to your goals and dreams.  Some of us find ourselves discouraged by where we are, our current situation in our pursuit of what we want out of life.  We work hard and try our best every day to stay motivated, to stay positive about our dreams.  Yes, we’ve had those who have, and still do doubt our journey to success and those who say we are crazy for even trying to go “against the grain”.  It has been and for some of us, still is an uphill battle, even dealing with our own thoughts and emotions.  Sometimes we do have the feeling of just giving up and doing what others think is normal, only to have those same people reticule us and say things like, “See, I told you it was a dumb plan.”

But, here is a bit of encouragement, motivation, and food for thought.  Have you noticed that the voices that mocked you and told you that you were wrong are less now?  Can you see that there are fewer people giving you their negative opinion on the choices you have made?  With the moving forward towards your dream, do you realize how far you have come?  The path before you will have twists and turns and can sometimes be uncertain, but you know for certain where you started and how the path lead to where you are.

Look at where you are, look at the trails you have overcome and the accomplishments you have achieved.  For some of us, all we had was an idea, and the distance between where we started to where we are is huge.  I am not saying to dwell on the past or second guess your decisions, I am saying you are doing what you wanted to do and the proof of your persistence is in the footprints you have left behind.footprints-1189780__180

So be encouraged, fight on, keep working, keep pushing, you are where here because of what you have done so far.


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