My Mediocrity

To those who have been following me through my blog, I apologize, to many of you who may be using my words as inspiration, thank for your patience.

My Goal

My plan when I stared writing over two years ago was to be a successful blogger, brining joy, motivation, and inspiration to my readers.  But unfortunately, like some successful people who started out, I fell into the trap of mediocrity. I started working at a car dealership, working for part salary and part commission.  I figured that this was the closest I could get to having my own business until my blogging took off.  I was doing pretty good at the dealership, there were some ups and downs, but for the most part, I was succeeding.  Unfortunately, for this line of work, the paychecks were not as steady as I would like them to be.  But salary was good enough to  pay the bills.  I settled into the swing of things and focused on selling cars instead of writing.  A few months went by when I started to notice I began to live the life I wanted to stay away from.  I got comfortable with my little paycheck, that was barely enough to pay the bills much less enough to pay down my debt that had accumulated.  I was stuck in the race that most people are in, working to pay the bills so I can live and keep working.  Don’t get me wrong, my goal of being a blogger is still in my mind, but I lost focus on my dreams.

Switch my focus

The life of working for someone else, asking permission to leave early for an emergency, begging for a day off because I need a break, but hoping they say no, because I need the money, is not the life I wanted to live.  I wish to travel the world, be who I was meant to be, and live life to the fullest.  I want to live life on my terms, far from fear and worry.

I started this blog, because I wanted to share my story in real time, in hopes that I can help those who may be going through similar circumstances, or who need a little inspiration.  Be inspired.

I Love You.


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