Starting Again

I know that is has been awhile since I updated my site.  I have been doing my best efforts of climbing out of the abyss and starting again.  For the last couple of months I had problems with an online business I am trying to get off the ground.  I began working with a company called DS Domination, this company shows individuals how to start and run a business online by drop shipping through eBay.  The process of drop shipping, is to take an item from one company and post it on eBay and sell it for a profit.

It all started a few years ago when I started looking for ways to make money online.  You’ve all seen it before, the get rich quick schemes, the “sit on your butt and money comes to you” sayings.  I did multilevel marketing, working my butt off for my up line, through meetings and cold calls, all the while seeing very little outcome of my efforts.  And at the same time, if I didn’t purchase the “upgraded package” or go to live events, that were only making the company money by the way, my uplink refused to help.  I felt as if I was trying to sucker people into a product, all the while going slowly into debt.  I’m not saying that all network companies are bad, it just seems as if you didn’t get in on the ground floor of the business when it was new you were doomed to struggle, no matter how much you believed in the product. I did however learn a lot about SEOs, customer service, and handling rejection (which was common).  One person actually became very irritated by my call, apparently I wasn’t the first to call them received about the product.  stop-calling-me

I found out that most of the time the people I called weren’t even interested in what I was introducing them to, I was paying for leads that were also purchased by others with the same product. That was the last straw for me and the experience of network marketing and cold calling.

The Little Voice In My Head

I began to think to myself, like many others, that I was destined for a life of mediocrity, I wanted financial freedom, but knew that working for someone else and trading my time for their money was a dead end.  There is nothing wrong with that, with the illusion of financial stability of a job.  Knowing that if you give up most of your free time, a “steady” pay check should be there…  But what if you want more?  I know if you quit, you fail, so I started again.  I started researching online business opportunities.  I ran into several people who want me to buy their ebook that would tell me what I needed to know to make money online.  What I found out is that I needed an ebook of sometimes unless information for people to buy,  then I would make money online.  Again, I didn’t want to sucker people into buy an ebook full of information not pertinent to the individual or information that the seller doesn’t even live by.  I wanted something simple, that I could do on my free time and take to the next level with ease.

I finally sat down and put the power of intention to work.  I ask myself how I could start a business using other people’s products to make a profit.  I wanted it to be easy to do from anywhere, with step bested training, and an awesome support feature.  If I wanted to, I could share the opportunity with others, with no tricks, and definitely no cold calling.  A few weeks went by and I had let the request go without really pondering it too much.  Then one day while in the bathroom an idea came to me. (Crazy where and when the little voice gives you an answer).  The voice said to me, “What is drop shipping?” I had heard the term years ago, and never really paid it much attention, mainly because of all the negative feedback I read on the internet about the process. question-myself


You ever notice that you can find negative issues with about any service, person, or product anywhere?  And it’s usually second, third, or fourth hand information from someone who heard it from someone else.  That’s what happened with the company that I am currently working with.  A few years ago I heard about DS Domination in passing, but never gave it much thought.  First, I didn’t have to money to start with a new business opportunity, and second I didn’t have the space to store of the product to ship.  Then about a year ago, after the little voice asked me, I started looking into drop shipping.  One company stood out, mainly because of the price to start.  $20 a month, that’s right, that was the price to start. This company shows you how to place products from Amazon to eBay and make a profit.  I was thinking like you, how much profit can I make with $20?  Well, in about 3 weeks, using the step by step video training, I made back my initial investment of $20. You may think that’s not much, but think about this.  I just found an online business that I could make a profit from other people’s products on my spare time and it can pay for itself. I have been working with this business model for awhile, and yes, there are upgrades that can be purchased, depending on you and how big you want your business to be and yes, your results may vary.  But $20 is worth the time to see this work for you?

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

At this point, there is a fact that I must share with you.  I did make mistakes with this system.  After all my years of (failed) network marketing, I thought I knew every this there was to know about running an online business.  I began to jump the gun and tried to tweak the training to make it better.  That was the month I fell below the standards for eBay and went below negative in the standings.  I figure that my time with this company was over and maybe I was not meant to be successful online.  I went back to searching for opportunities and ran into those get rich quick schemes that I tried to leave behind.  This was a pretty dark and disappointing time for me.  I didn’t know how to dig myself out of this hole and began to contemplate giving up online marketing for good.  At my lowest point, the little voice said “follow the steps.”  It was referring to the steps I followed when I first started with DS Domination.  So I started again, getting out of my way and working the system.

Back On Top And Hungry For More

After a lot of hard work, motivation, and inspiration, I am back on track.  I recently became a Bronze Powerseller on eBay, make over $22,000.00 in sales in the last 12 months (actually only taking 4 months to reach.)  This is far more than I have ever made in all my previous online companies combined.  I now know that with the training from DS Domination and dedication, there is no limit on how far I can go.

Is This For You? 

This is not one of those opportunities where there are stacks of cash and beautiful expensive cars.  For this to work, you have to work, this system is simple, but not easy. no-lazziness


You can’t sit on the couch and have money fall in your lap.  To build something successful, a correct foundation must be established first.  You must get out of your own way and allow the program to work for you.  You must be hungry, but patient. DS Domination may be your opportunity for time freedom and financial independence.  This could be the chance you have been looking for, simply click on the links or drop a line in the comments below to find out more.  Opportunity is knocking on your door, will you answer?


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