The Echo & the Voice

I noticed that the world was a world of advice, tips, and tricks that people were offering as a way for others to change their lives.  A lot of them have books, website, and videos explaining how, by, using their products and services, you can better yourself.  I began to realize that most of this information has been gathered from other people’s experiences. You may get the “try this approach” method, but the approach is coming from someone who has never been in that particular situation and has never used the method personally. I am not saying that all circumstances fall under this category, but if you are looking for information to help you and you need something that is going to work, Then you should keep these questions in mind in your search for help. Has the information they are giving worked for the person giving the help? Are the results they claim going to be beneficial to you?  Often time the answer is no, they are telling you something that happened to someone else, and many times the situation and circumstances were different. 

My attempt here at My Upbeat Life is to bring love,  encouragement,  practical information, and suggestions to individuals who may be in a not too favorable situation.  This information is also for those who are on the path to achieving their dreams and may need encouragement to keep going, or simply suggestions on the next step.  My goal is not to regurgitate information from others, repackage it, and give it to you.  The ideas and information on this website have been gathered from my own experiences. No, I am not saying that I know it all, but the strategies and advice that I am telling were personally used in my life . These are the things that helped me in my struggles and triumphs, these are the ideas that have opened my eyes to how wonderful life can and should be.  This information I am sharing with you has and continues to change my life.  Many of these ideas worked for me  and it is my sincerest wish that they work for you.


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