The Secret Of The Mountain

There are many people who have finally decided to go for a goal that they have been putting off for far too long. They have decisively made a choice that, either whatever was standing in their way has been dealt with or the concern for it is outweighed by a brief glimpse of how wonderful the change would be.

Now comes the challenge of actually going through the steps to achieve your dreams. Yes, the goal may take tremendous effort and undying determination, but if you take the time to enjoy the journey, knowing that this is the path you have been chosen to take, you will grow greatly along the way.

The Secret Of The Mountain

I know that this may sound strange, but you are meant to reach your goals and overcome your obstacles. Your wishes and dreams are yours to have. The Mountain represents everything standing in the way of you reaching the top, or your goal. You may have to overcome things in yourself and grow as necessary steps to its accomplishment, you may even have to stumble, back track, or take another path up the mountain, but the mountain wants you to succeed.

How can this be?

Ask yourself, where did the longing for a particular goal come from? Where did this decision to take on this challenge originate? You are meant to have the desires of your heart, it is just a matter of if you are ready to work through all the doubts, disbeliefs, and negativity to obtain them.

Many people go through life running away from the challenges of the mountain. Some do not want the challenge because they are comfortable where they are, some even run from the obstacles not know that perhaps this is the direction that their life should be heading and that it is a way for them to grow.


There are secrets and clues that lay before everyone who are on the path to accomplishing your dreams and goals in life. You must keep your mind and eyes open for opportunities that will present themselves throughout your journey. Have you ever noticed that the more diligently you work towards your goals, the more people try to tear you down and hinder you? Believe it or not , this may be a clue that you are headed in the right direction. I have had people before try and tell me that my choices are wrong and that I am going to fail. But, it seemed like the ridicule had become more intense and sometimes downright cruel. I couldn’t figure out where all this was coming from. Just as I began to second guess my decisions on a certain issue, I started to have a feeling deep down that I was about to have a breakthrough or that an opportunity was just around the corner. I stuck with it and realized that a door had been open that led me further towards my goal.

Understand that the more people or obstacles get in your way, many times means you are heading in the right direction and to continue fighting for what you want. Never give up on what you want out of life because eventually life will surrender everything you desire.

Give Thanks

Yet another secret is to never forget to give thanks. Giving gratitude allows the door to be open to receive more from life. Give thanks not just for the things you have accomplished and received, but also for the challenges and obstacles. Why? Because you are given a chance to grow and become more through the struggle. It also sends a message to life that you are able to handle any problem.


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