This Is A Call to Action

This is a call to action. I am writing this post to telling you that you are not alone, that you are loved, and that you are appreciated.  For some, this would be enough to flame that sparks their desire to move.  But for others, these are only words to make them feel better as they continue to sit idly by and watch their dreams go by.  These words are not meant to make you feel all soft and warm inside, these words are a challenge, a dare to look in the mirror and compare where you are to where you want to be.

This is a battle cry to, move forward, to take this life that you have been blessed with and mold it to your will.  No more shall you sit and watch others receive what they want, never again will you think that you are not good enough.  Today and today only is your chance, not later, not tomorrow or next week, because soon this moment will be gone.  And then, you will slump back to the normal version of you.  The you that makes excuses for ideas and plans. You will float back down to the familiar world of mediocrity. If that is what you wish, fine, who can blame you?  At least here no one can hurt you there, at least here you are “safe”. I can’t push you, I won’t push you, for where you are can only be changed by you.  You are the captain of your ship.  move-forward

But if you did rise to this challenge, understand that there may be a chance of storms, the chance of pain, the chance of complete “failure”, but if stay where you are, these chances are guaranteed.  So stay exactly where you are and enjoy the rest of your life wrapped in the blanket of “security”

If you are tired of the direction in which your life is headed, cut the roots and ropes that are holding you where are and reach, pull, claw, climb to where you want to be.  This journey should push you to your limits.  There will be tears, sweat, and frustration.  The ten thousand voices of the way you used to be will cry out for you to give-in, give up, and return.  DON’T YOU LISTEN TO THEM! You are the champion of your life’s story, you will not be defeated. You are the victor on this battlefield, no one will be able to take that from you.  You will rise from the ashes of you previous life, the person who you were is gone and replacing it is one of purpose and strength.


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