Why Fight?

What gives us the endurance to keep moving forward?  To take another step towards our goals and dreams?  It would be much easier to just give up, there are too many things telling you that this will never work.  Not even friends and family think that this endeavor has any promise and even call it a “nice hobby”. How do you go from wanting your dream to succeed, to making your dream succeed?

I admit it, I almost threw in the towel.  I began to think to myself, that maybe I should just quit all this online business stuff and get a job where at least I will know that I will have a paycheck coming in on a dissapointmentregular basis.  Why continue to fight against the inevitable?  What is the use of going against the grain, of trying to be something better than you are?  This feeling stayed with me for awhile until I realized that this was the exact same point when I gave before. This is the pattern that I began to see.  It was around this time, when starting something new that my mind would begin to offer thoughts of doubt and disbelief. Your mind can be your worst enemy when it comes to going for what you want in life instead of what you need.  It will start to feed your thoughts of failure and fear.  It will make every attempt to force you to quit and return to your comfort zone.  It will try to convince you that all your obstacles are becoming too much, too difficult to handle and you’ll begin to think sure, maybe things are too tough, maybe this whole “work for myself” thing isn’t really for me.

No, you must say to yourself, I am a Champion!  I will never give up, never surrender. I have decided, declared, made a choice to change winnermy life.  I will keep moving forward!  No longer will I just sit by while others obtain the success that I deserve.  I will not quit, I will go forward and continue the fight.  I must learn more, do more, get off the train of doubt and self-pity.  I must keep moving forward, this is my life and I will make what I want it to be, that is my gift, that is my choice.

Yes, it can be hard to keep going sometimes, but what things in life worth doing are easy?  Today I rededicate myself to this passion, I recommit to my goal, to this journey, to my success. I will never give up, never surrender.

Like the seed of the oak tree, we, as humans, are given the potential to grow and to be great.  We are all blessed, from birth with everything that we will need to thrive in life, not just survive.  Unfortunately, some seeds are not tended well, neglected,  mistreated, and twisted. They are left at the wayside,  never to be heard from again, and in their own lives never amounting to anything more than a menial existence.

And it’s their “fallen” state they pray to be saved, they long to be released from their turmoil and hardship. But what is unknown to them and like the mighty oak tree, the potential has never left them.

The seedling oak never asks for help to rise above to  receive the light from the sun. It also fails to notice any obstruction that would deter it’s roots from reaching nutrients of the soil around it.  It sunbeam-forestsimply moves, shifts, fights for its place in the world.  A place that has been promised to it long before its arrival. Never give in to the thoughts and feelings of others,  they have their own path to walk, the opinions of others for your life should not concern you.  Why fight?, because it is has been promised long before your arrival. It was a gift,  you are worthy and deserve to succeed and take your rightful place in this world.


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